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Thursday, October 25, 2012

COPAS: CAUTION! Israel Tapping Your Phone!

ALQOIMKALTIM.COM - Everything stems from a story that has to do with an Israeli company called Narus. The company is tasked to collect information from the Internet about the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

When traced, which was originally developed to be just a story that reveals a surprising fact that the track is all electronic communication devices, not just those owned by foreigners in the U.S., but all electronic communication devices on Earth!

It is presumptuous who intentionally track each source and core electronic communications around the world. Data from around the world are then summarized and recorded by the Israeli intelligence service and then used as intelligence for the benefit of the Jewish nation. What can be done with that information is staggering, not just to dismantle an act of betrayal, but also can dipergubakan by Jewish criminal hands for dangerous purposes.

Any electronic communication device, whether it be a home phone, cell phone, (VoIP) Voice Over IP, pagers, Blackberries, instant messaging services (messenger), by e-mail can be intercepted by the Israeli intelligence service. Even more brash and unpleasant, it can be slipped Jewish intelligence in strategic centers of the security infrastructure in many countries. For example, by providing immediate security to the Statue of Liberty in New York, producing satellite communication, creation and firewall settings for sensitive military purposes and also for intelligence purposes, and the production of the RFID chips that contain sensitive user data and the ability to track a U.S. passport. In the RFID chip, all personal data in the hands of the U.S. population is foreign organizations. Where a foreign organization is very loyal to his country, including in the military field.

Formerly, it must first be separated between Zionism and Judaism, which are used to achieve long-term goals by all means. This includes utilizing and manipulating Jewish people in any way possible. The bottom line is the government and puppeteers who control these countries, manipulating nationalism, greed and fear.

Any infringement aside, the Israeli government does not even give a damn about their own people. In fact, the Israeli government may make use of its military power to put the doctrine to inculcate the attitude of nationalist, racist, Zionist, Jewish youth to sort out and send them to the whole world as a government spy.

In the center of the military intelligence, there is a spy unit or separate intelligence that serves to sort out and train cadres of the best and brightest members of the military to operate new equipment electronic spy and war. So, Israel developing young military intelligence forces. What's worse is to utilize technology company sheath, Israel is not only able to track data as well as one person in particular have access to secure security infrastructure, but also can take advantage of all sources of funding to finance their operations. Really like the Trojan horse strategy which combines elements of government that allows and even facilitates the infiltration of intelligence.

From 11 to 14 December 2001, Fox News aired a special report on Israeli spying in the U.S.. However, because of the content of the program which was considered dangerous to Israel and because Israel connections, including with Rupert Murdoch, program content is not only heavily censored, but the text and video of the story is displayed on the Fox immediately destroyed. Here's an excerpt of information yangberhasil saved:

"Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested, whether because of new anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A number of active Israeli military were among those detained Jews, according to investigators, who say that the detainees also do not qualify for interrogation when questioned about the alleged spying in the U.S. and the U.S..

Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News managed to indicate that even prior to September 11, there were up to 140 Israeli citizens were detained in secret on alleged Israeli spying in the U.S..

The first part of the focus of the investigation who claimed to be students majoring in art from the University of Jerusalem and colleges Bazala. Such people are repeatedly communicated with U.S. officials, they explained that they wanted to sell the artwork at low prices. The document states that the secret agent and infiltrate the target military bases. DEA, FBI and dozens of other government facilities, including secret offices and private homes are not on the list belong to members of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The majority of people questioned said that they were working for military intelligence and electronic espionage.

Israeli spies were arrested at a mall in the U.S. while selling toys called Puzzle Car and Zoom copter.

What exactly is the reason for Israeli spies in the U.S.. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, "a country" known to have launched its most intense spying against the United States.

A report from the defense intelligence sources said that Israel was voracious for information. Israel aggressively collects military and industrial technology of data from the U.S. as the main target.

Since its founding in 1948, Israel's military has shortcomings in terms of resources and the strength and intelligence. So since 20 years ago, the IDF invested billions of dollars to develop the technology of warfare. As a result, the number of divisions secret, semi-secret and open raised to help Israel in order to know what is done by his enemies, and kill them if dibutuhkan.Unit-unit has a code name: 8-200, 8153, Mamram, Talpiot, Mamdas. The entire unit has been drafted and trained in such a way to use everything. Elite military intelligence unit, which serves as a training base, is a small working group of people who are highly motivated, work tirelessly on very little sleep, and they are really willing to face heavy pressure for their country.

These secret programs used for menydap Israel and gather data:


Talpiot is a special program of training soldiers to collect the best and forged graduates with computer education, physical, and math, and placed them in the important tasks in the intelligence unit. The selection process for entering pasikan began when the candidates applying for entry IDF soldiers, usually in the last two years during high school. Only applicants who can enter the training voluntary military. Talpiot is highly selective and only accept 30 applicants.

Graduates of the program along with the graduates of other elite programs, the military deployed in Israel to do everything from fixing broken computers to complex military operations.


Mamram is the computer division of the Israeli defense forces (IDF) in the area of ​​information systems and design. Mamram is a Hebrew acronym formed from the IDF counting facility in 1959.

In 1994, the school Mamram programming is considered as one source of professional graduate upper-class software in the world, broken down into a new unit called Basmach. However, the graduates of these schools are still meyebut themselves as graduates Mamram. After graduation, some Basmach alumnus to serve deployed military units. Others offered a position in Mamram own.


8-200 is an electronic warfare unit founded in the early 1960s. Unit is taken from the name of its founders: 8 Ashkenazi Jews and 200 Iraqi immigrants who are experts in the field of wireless communications and railway projects Iraq. The unit concentrates on intelligence gathering and parse the encryption code.


Mamdas designed some of the most sophisticated military software in the world, and most are new anggotany entering their 20s.

8153 Units

Mapping unit, modern Ibranu. The unit was assigned to conduct a strategic mapping of a number of locations. This is done for the purpose of tactics and strategy.

Google & Video

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while still a student at Stanford. Google is now the world's number one search engine. Google has also developed a Google Earth mapping program powered by satellite imagery to map the vast regions of the earth. Google Earth imagery is very detailed and accurate. For example, a number of large cities have a very clear picture detail so that the image can be enlarged up to car number plate being melintaspun legible.

Onset technology

Problems the Blackberry operating system is only supported email service, book meetings and contact list. Therefore there are a number of software companies in the world to fill the shortage. One is Onset Technology Ltd.., Which was founded in 1997 by CEO Gadi Mazor and Ron maor, both graduates veteran unit 8-200.


Israeli company Odigo is headquartered in New York, and has offices in Herzliya. The company provides instant messaging service through a program called Odigo Messenger. Founder Avner Ronen Odigo and his wife are Maskit. Name Odigo diambul from the Greek word which means "guide".

In addition, there are Gilat, Israel controlled the satellite network, telecommunication unit ECTel and Narus company that provides intelligence to NSA

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